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Our Story

From One Woman to Another

Women, by nature, are inherently strong and fearless. Wearing a hijab should not limit her to continue growing and improving upon her previous self.

Finding her muse in Ms. Fatmawati painting, the first founding lady, Citra Irene is inspired to make a premium hijab brand to empower every woman to be her own queen.

Thus, LaReine is born from her hard work and dedication as a fashion designer, in which she strives for nothing less than perfection in her creations.

When Fashion Meets Technology

Manufactured with sophisticated technology, to ensure that its wearer is comfortable while yet looking fashionable. This is accomplished by bringing together the realms of high fashion and cutting-edge innovation.

LaReine's excellent design and use of the finest materials combine to offer a level of refinement that will make any woman feel like a queen.