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  • How do I place an order on the LaReine website?

Please click the product you want, then click 'ADD TO CART'. If all the desired products have been added to the shopping cart, please click 'CHECKOUT'.
Fill in the billing details form with the required information clearly and completely to avoid order delivery errors.
If you have shopping points, please enter the nominal points you want to redeem then click 'Apply Points'.
After all the data is filled in completely, select one of the available payment methods. Then click 'Create an Order' to make your order.


  • Is it possible to change the order once it has been confirmed?

Sorry, you can't change an order once it's been made and confirmed.


  • Is it possible to cancel an order?

Sorry, you can't cancel your purchase once it’s been confirmed.



  • What are the applicable payment methods?

The applicable payment methods are:

Manual bank transfer
DOKU virtual account
Bank Syariah Indonesia virtual account
Mandiri virtual account
BCA virtual account
Permata Bank virtual account
Credit card
Bank Rakyat Indonesia
Jokul checkout


  • By what expedition is the order sent?

Orders will be sent using JNE.

  • How long is the estimated delivery time for the product?

The estimated delivery time of the product depends on the expedition and the type of delivery selected.



  • What is the Airfy technology that comes with LaReine Lumiere Series?

Airfy technology is the latest innovation in the form of microscopic holes in the LaReine Lumiere Series hijab fabric. These holes allow for better air circulation, so the fabric becomes more breathable and comfortable.